Ezra Post

Ezra Post

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Ezra holds a Master’s degree in clinical social work from Simmons College School of Social Work, the oldest school of social work in the country. Ezra has been practicing mindfulness, body-based psychotherapy for the past 4 years in a wide variety of positions. He has a deep passion and personal commitment to each individual whom he serves. Ezra specializes in servicing individuals suffering from the effects of trauma and interpersonal violence. He is very happy to be spearheading the Healing House project in Asheville, in addition to other contract work in the community.

Asheville massage therapist

Amber Desmond

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Amber Desmond has been a licensed massage therapist for over ten years. While she’s learned quite a bit of technique over the years, Amber leans heavily on her intuition and inner-guidance.  Amber’s ultimate goal as a massage therapist is to provide pain relief, relaxation, and a deeper awareness of one’s body. As an added bonus, hot stones and essential oils are included in all her massages. If you are looking to release emotional stress that’s turned into physical pain or discomfort, contact Amber to book your next session.

Kris Hanvey

Kris Hanvey

Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner

I am a psychiatric mental health nurse practitioner offering holistic services to all age groups and am excited to be able to assist clients in achieving the highest level of wellness through conventional and complementary mental healthcare. I started in the psychiatric and substance use field as a registered nurse in 1987 and entered the holistic realm of complementary health in the early 2000’s as a yoga teacher, Reiki Master and Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapist (PRYT). In 2008 I completed an advanced certification in complementary and integrative therapies (CCIT) at Drexel University. While living in the Cleveland area, I attended Case Western Reserve University in Ohio and obtained an Advanced Practice Nursing Degree. Since 2011, I have worked with both children and adults prescribing medication and nutraceuticals. Additionally, I continue to offer PRYT sessions to those interested. Many practitioners offer either a holistic approach or a conventional one to health; my practice is unique in that I offer both to you!

Zach Brown, LMBT

Zach Brown

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Clinical Massage Therapist

Zach Brown is a clinical (medical) massage therapist focusing on providing pain relief for a variety of musculoskeletal conditions. His approach to bodywork uses deep tissue massage, myofascial release, and neuromuscular trigger point therapy to treat soft-tissue dysfunction and postural distortion. More about Zach…

Marie Davis

Marie O. Davis

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Licensed Professional Counselor

Marie is a licensed professional counselor who has 14 years of counseling experience. Marie began her counseling career practicing modalities of wholisitic healing including Iridology, Wholisitic Nutrition, Reiki, Reflexology, and is a certified Meditation Instructor. In her mental health counseling practice, Marie is passionate about supporting individuals to find inner empowerment through wholistic, experiential therapies.  Using Sensorimotor Psychotherapy and Expressive Arts Therapy Marie works with college age women and adults to heal and transform limiting beliefs, self-destructive patterns, and heal the effects of trauma in their lives. For more information, visit

Mindy Gates

Mindy Gates

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Registered Nurse & Acupuncturist

Mindy is a dedicated and experienced practitioner and founder of Apotheca Acupunture, an oriental medical practice offering acupuncture, Chinese herbal therapy, and diet and lifestyle counseling in a relaxing, safe and peaceful environment. For more information, visit